Modern Live Art Projects

There have been a considerable number of collectives in the past who have succeeded in reaching their goals. However, many movements today have accomplished much that few people may have heard about. Here are a few collectives that still make an impact today.

The Bernadette Corporation

This corporation was established in New York around 1994.

This movement has been known to hold spontaneous art events in public spaces, and over the years, it has spread its influence into corporate spheres where it promotes community projects. The movement is also responsible for making a number of donations to non-profit organisations.

Paper Rad

This movement was first established in Pennsylvania around the year 2000. It often stages public exhibitions featuring brightly coloured works of art with a retro aesthetic nature. Their music-fuelled events have been a large drive for their success. Many of the members of the collective are involved in a number of bands.

Claire Fontaine

This collective originated in 2004 and developed its brand based on the publisher (Claire Fontaine) of school notebooks. The activities of the group are masterminded by a collective based in Paris. The group focuses on the conventional ideas of authorship and identity. The message of the group is often communicated via videos, sculptures, paintings, and text.

The future of artist collective

People have worked together for centuries. Artist collectives provide an opportunity for average individuals to speak up about issues in their community or society. The formation of artist collectives will therefore always be an important part of human nature. Many artist collectives have websites online. Join a collective or start your own to make a difference.

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