Why You Should Join an Artist Collective

There are many collaborative practices in theatre and music. Individual artists are arguably less likely to succeed in the big world. While individual artists may have more flexibility to perform on their own terms, an artist collective can perform at multiple places at the same time. This also makes it easier for the group to spread their influence and ideas.

Being part of a collective has many benefits. If you are looking for a reason to join one, there are a few advantages mentioned here.

Expose your work to a wider audience

As a group, you can accomplish so much more. With more individuals working on a particular project, exhibitions, and events, you will reach a wider audience. If there is a sculpture or exhibit in public environments, it could even attract news outlets.

If group efforts are successful, it can attract a healthy dose of criticism and humour from the public. If the ideas of your collective are important enough to the community, it can succeed with hard work and determination.

Start international conversations

Your artist collective could spark international conversations on certain subjects. With a shared focus on new technologies and urbanism, members of the artist collective can be invited to participate in discussions that reach an international audience.

Conversations can centre around the culture of urbanism, new technology, and society. These joint efforts can ultimately contribute to a global art community. Artist collectives can then create opportunities for more inclusive dialogues.

Sharing a common goal

Artists around the world often share a common goal. When artist organisations from different communities and countries can come together to achieve their goals, the success rate of its activities will be profound. This also makes it possible to cross-cultural barriers once a common goal is shared between individuals.

It may also be possible for artist collectives from different countries to merge their organisations into a single collective in order to accomplish more together. One of the most important goals of a collective should revolve around making a positive impact on society.

Start your own artist collective

If you are uncertain about joining an artist collective, you can always start your own if you feel strongly about a particular ideological subject. There are many examples of successful movements that you can draw from to find inspiration. Conduct research and tap into online resources to make sure you design a collective that will be worth the effort.

Get involved and contribute to your community

By gathering community members, you can create a sense of belonging that encourages individuals to listen to your ideas and motivations. Once the members of your community feel strongly about the issues or ideas being raised, they may feel obliged to contribute to your cause.

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