Steakhouse Live is a DIY platform for radical performance practices. It’s rough. It’s raw. Unprofessionalism is embraced. Work cuts across performance art, theatre, visual art, cabaret, sculpture, dance, drag and participatory performance.

We are an independent artist/producer collective founded in 2013, which grew out of a frustration at seeing artists who were making challenging and provocative live work not getting supported and shown in the right context in London. Since then Steakhouse Live has produced and curated over 50 events across the UK.

We have programmed performances in parks, streets, fields, art galleries, fetes, yards, abandoned warehouses and artist studios. Along with our many one‐off events we independently produce the Steakhouse Live Festival of Live Art.

To contact Steakhouse  please e-mail: contact (at) steakhouselive.com.

Steakhouse Live is a member of Live Art UK, the national network of Live Art promoters.

Privacy: Steakhouse Live takes your privacy seriously, read our Privacy and Data Protection Policy  to find out more.

Who we are…

katy_bairdKaty Baird is a London based artist and activist who often finds herself in uncomfortable situations of her own making. Her work is intimate and autobiographical in nature, reflecting on gender, class and sexuality.

Katy is currently Artistic Director of Home Live Art.

She worked as Coordinator at the Live Art Development Agency from 2012-2017

mary osborneMary Osborn is a freelance producer, dramaturg and Artist Advisor. She currently works part-time as a Producer and Programme Co-ordinator at Artsadmin. In a producing capacity, Mary has worked closely with artists Lucy Hutson, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN and Eleanor Fogg (johnsmith). She has also collaborated with performance artist Foxy and Husk as a dramaturg on two shows that have toured internationally and has recently begun a new curatorial collaboration with Copenhagen based producer Emma Møller.


Aaron Wright is a curator and producer of Live Art. in 2016 he became the new Artistic Director of Fierce Festival in Birmingham. Aaron has also worked as a guest curator and consultant programmer for the National Theatre, The Arches, Glasgow, and Cambridge Junction, as well as co-producing club night Knickerbocker at The Yard Theatre.  Aaron also performs across the UK and internationally as his alter ego TRACEYEMINSOUNDSYTEM.

Alex Lawless produces on Radio 1 and sits on their playlist committee.

He’s a DJ and promotes queer dance party Knickerbocker with Aaron Wright.

He has previously produced pantomimes and Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Past Members 

Louise Orwin is an award-winning Live Artist, researcher, writer and performer and co-founded Steakhouse Live in 2013, producing the annual Steakhouse Live festival until 2015.

Lucy Hutson was associate artist at Steakhouse Live from 2013-2016. Lucy is a London-based artist; making work since 2008, her work engages with capitalism and gender. She works with found objects and unloved artefacts.

Valeria Tello Giusti helped with Steakhouse Live social media in 2015. Valeria is a Peruvian artist and producer working in physical performance, live art and dance.

Johanne Hauge helped with Steakhouse Live in 2016. Johanne is a Norwegian live artist who makes messy, personal work. She plays with gender, failure and ‘realness’ and loves being bossy, dancing and google translate.

Edythe Woolley co-produced Steakhouse Live events in 2018 and is a performance artist who enjoys confusing the glamorous and the grotesque, and dismantles societies gender constructs to give the patriarchy a good old slap in the face.

eleanor fogg co-produced Steakhouse Live events in 2018 and makes live experiences with performance, video and sound. she likes to keep things visceral as well as visual, and she’s interested in transformation.

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