Hornsey Street Festival

Hornsey Street Festival



Steakhouse Live will be back at the Holloway Arts Festival with Stop! Look! Listen! – a series of unusual interactions and encounters at the Hornsey Street Festival in Holloway.

This year’s festival theme is ‘meet the neighbours’ and we are excited to bring you a mix of programmed and specially commissioned work  happening throughout the day.

You will be given the chance to settle neighbourly disputes with a game of Cardboard Sumo, contact your local MP via the Holloway Democratic Dance Team and find out what happens when Stacy Makishi puts you on the front page!  All this plus much much more.

The Hornsey Street Festival will take place in Holloway, London on Sunday the 1st of June 2014 from 1 till 5 pm. (how to get here)

Hornsey Street Festival Line-up


Figs in Wigs / Dance Peas


Figs in Wigs will attempt to break the world record for eating the most peas with a cocktail stick in three minutes.

The current record of 2o11 was set by performance artist Mat Hand in 2001. Winner eats all. Losers will be pea-nalised.



 Gareth Edwards / Domestic Oracle



What does the future hold for the residents of Hornsey Street?

The human oracle Gareth Edwards has all the answers – its time to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the future but were afraid to ask.



Gillie Kleiman / Holloway Democratic Dance Team

GK_by_Hamish MacPherson


You are invited to join The Holloway Democratic Dance Team.

The HDDT is assembled through its only action: the dramatic movement of writing to Members of Parliament.



 Karl Taylor / Seduction Sofa



Karl wants to know what tricks you have to being sexy.

Do you give the sidelong glances? Fleeting arm touches? Show a bit of skin?

He’s pretty new at this game so he needs all the help he can get.



 Louise Orwin and Mary Osborn / Lollipop


Get to your destination safely and soundly with Holloway’s favourite lollipop ladies.

Catch a glimpse of yourself in their brightly coloured camo and if you’re lucky you might get a flash of what’s inside.



Lucy Hutson / I don’t care


Lucy doesn’t care but she is sure she used to!

Join her at the Hornsey Street Festival and tell her what to campaign for.

Lucy is taking this very seriously and promises to go on to champion fully one issue told to her during the Festival.



Morven Mulgrew / Hornsey Street Festival Conflict Resolution Centre


Come and resolve your grievances with good old fashioned cardboard sumo wrestling. Fashion some geometric cardboard armour in the armoury and relieve tension in the ring.

Scientifically proven the most effective method in maintaining community harmony!



Nigel and Louise

The Conversation

Look out for Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari who will be getting up to their usual mischief throughout the day.

As always – expect the unexpected!




Stacy Makishi / “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”



You’re all over the front page! Today’s ‘reading’ is all about you.

Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi reads between the lines. Part psychic intervention, part poetic pondering, get ready for a one to one performance, with you on the front page.



 There There / Think Locally

Dana Bojana09

You’ve just spotted someone reading the same book you were reading the other week in your local park. If only there was a ‘like’ button to press.

Bojana and Dana would like to help you turn the usual online social interaction into real life conversations with your locals. Tell them what you like and what you’re like and expect to be matched with the perfect companion. Your next Argos encounter might prove triumphant.


 Susannah Hewlett /  Lift Off

IMG_5603 Look out for Hornsey Streets very own security guards.

Keeping the streets of Holloway safe from suspicious flecks of mud on shoes, used tissues and why on earth you might be chewing gum.

Children, nans, men and women get ready for a frisking!

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