Katherine Araniello

Katherine Araniello

Katherine Araniello

Katherine Araniello
The Araniello Show (feat. Milnes & Finch)
Saturday 15 October
Rich Mix

A frenzied performance by Araniello and her showgirls, endorsing inspiration porn and exuding pity, wheelchairs and sympathy. Chaotic, quickfire, unpredictable and random, this hard to follow show will finish much faster than you want it to, and features the premiere of Araniello’s much anticipated A Miracle of Life, a tear-jerking ballad for the 21st Century.

“Wing disability, drink disability, wear disability, fake disability, snog disability, fuck disability.” – Katherine Araniello

About Araniello’s previous work:

“I’ve just had my first impulse to punch someone with a disability. – Audience Member

“An avant-garde dystopian nightmare” – Bird LaBird


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